A visit to High Museum of Art {Atlanta, Georgia}

Visiting the High Museum of Art was my pick on our girls weekend trip down in Atlanta and they happened to be featuring a great exhibit of “100 works of art created by 14 of the most iconic artists from the 20th century” that included artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse, and Jasper Johns. In addition to this special collection, the museum itself is a beautiful space and had a lot of other interesting pieces throughout. Really cool spot to check out if you are ever in Atlanta.

Hotel Indigo is where we stayed in Atlanta – super cute boutique hotel w/ a rock-n-roll theme

{Fun with cross color processing in the new Lightroom 4, my favorite editing program!}

Babs – one of the best brunch places in Atlanta. It was fabulous!

Atlanta’s Woman’s Club, formerly known as the Wimbish Mansion, was built in 1906 and seemed out of place amongst the modern, high rise office buildings that occupy most of the midtown area, but a beautiful mansion nonetheless! Would be perfect for a wedding! (I really can’t wait until wedding season, ahhh!)

So, I like buildings, if you can’t tell. Architecture was actually my first love! Oh, but math and I didn’t get along.

Cherry blossoms! I missed them peaking in D.C., but they seem to be everywhere!

{High Museum of Art}

Self portrait (this never happens).

My favorite collection in the museum –


February 18 – May 20, 2012

“Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, widely known as KAWS, enlists the seemingly incongruent techniques of pop art, toy-making, graffiti, product design, and sculpture to create a body of work that is at once universal and provocative, disconcerting and delightful. This will be the largest exhibition of KAWS’s work to date.”

Another self portrait! I couldn’t resist this huge, fractured mirror. Even made my friends do it. So neat.

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