Trummer’s On Main {Clifton, Va.}

I tagged along with Lauren DeSantis (Capital Cooking) to a media dinner at Trummer’s On Main out in Clifton, Virginia last week. I haven’t been out to this area in years – not since a former sorority sister of mine drove me out to Bunny Man’s Bridge trying to scare me while I was a sophomore at Mason (it was creepy, I’ll admit). Anyways – the commute from D.C. was surprisingly not that bad (only 1 hour) and we were greeted by my favorite restaurant PR gal, Kyle Schmitz of 2911 Productions. The restaurant was opened by Chef Miller in July 2009 with Stefan and Victoria Trummer. This three story restaurant has an interesting history dating back to 1869 (read more at: and is in the perfect setting to set off the cozy atmosphere, the hand-crafted cocktails invented by Master Mixologist Stefan Trummer and the innovative American style cuisine created by Chef Clayton Miller (named one of the best new chef’s in 2010 by Food + Wine magazine).

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