Behind the Scenes w/ the Capital Cooking Show {01.22.2011}

While filming for Lauren DeSantis’ show, Capital Cooking, last weekend, I got some “behind the scenes” shots of the crew and guests of the show.  It’s been a year for me since I have been on her set, but since finishing school this past fall (having class on Saturdays nearly killed me!), I plan on being at all future filming dates of the show! Be sure to check out her new “Capital Cooking Quick Clips,” which will air soon on Washington’s own TBD network!

{Tammy Hargrove, makeup artist from Richmond}

{Larry of Toute Sweets –}

{Mark, owner of BGR –}

{Jenny of Miss Jenny’s Pickles from North Carolina –}

{Kristen Finn, freelance photographer –}

{Catch That Cupcake –}

Bim, instructor at CDIABU

Nick Szpara, senior editor/production specialist at Freedom Digital Media

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