Mallory & Brent’s Wedding {Pasadena, Maryland}

Mallory and Brent’s wedding was one I was really looking forward to this year because Mallory happens to be the older sister of one of my very good friends and I was honored to get to be apart of such a special occasion in their lives. The ceremony and reception were both held at a beautiful venue called Anchor Inn out in Pasadena, Maryland which overlooks the Chesapeake Bay. It was a great setting and the weather that day was perfect. There’s nothing better than documenting a couple who are happy and in love. From their engagement photo shoot to the last song at their reception, I really enjoyed working with Mallory and Brent and wish them a lifetime of happiness! Also a big thank you to my amazing second photographer, Aimee Nacol!














Sara & Bryan {RVA Wedding}

One of my very good friends from high school got married this month in our hometown just outside the city of Richmond to the love of her life, Bryan. I made it home for Sara’s big day and snapped a few shots for her (because I have no idea how to just be a guest at a wedding anymore!). Sara has always been incredibly creative and it was no surprise that she had hand-made most of her wedding’s decorations. Sara and Bryan’s wedding matched their style and personalities perfectly. I’m so happy that they found each other and get to now officially start their life together! Congratulations S & B!

Jamie + Won’s Wedding {4.28.2012}

Wow, what a month this has been! So many weddings, so little time to blog! I’m going a little out of order here as this wedding was the second, not the first one I have photographed this year, but that’s what’s happening because I love these weddings photos so much! I shot it with my friend, Candy, who is also a superb wedding planner (check out her website – in addition to being a great photographer. The betrothed couple, Jamie and Won, were very sweet and great to work with and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Main Street Train Station {Richmond, Va}

I like to take the train home from D.C. to visit my family in Richmond, where I grew up. Last time I was there for Easter, my Dad and brother were late picking me up so I took advantage of the time and got some really neat photos of the station, train tracks, and highway, which I’ve always wanted to do. The station was renovated a few years ago and it is really beautiful inside. Richmond is known for having a lot of historic buildings, most of which are still in use today. I dropped in a texture for the skies in each picture and then edited them so that they look like HDR images, which is pretty easy to do when working in black and white. I like how it emphasizes the texture and details of the structures. Enjoy!



The Honorable Gabrielle Giffords receives the “We Are EMILY” Award {4.24.2012}

It was exciting to see Gabrielle Giffords make a public appearance last night at the Emily’s List “We Are EMILY” Awards event and receive an award she truly deserves. The yearly Emily’s List award is given to recognize women who have changed the face of political power and provided leadership and inspiration. Gabrielle’s mother, Gloria, accepted the award on her behalf and spoke highly of her daughter’s past achievements and assured everyone that “her future remains bright” as she works “tirelessly on her recovery”. Emily’s list also announced that there will be an award named in Giffords’ honor: the “Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star” award, which will “honor women who demonstrate the sort of commitment to community, dedication to women and families and determination and civility that have been the highlights of Giffords’ career.” After learning more about Gabby and seeing what she has gone through, this woman is the greatest role model in the political arena and her eventual return to Congress will be welcomed by many supporters.

{Val Demings}

{Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono}

{Rep. Frederica Wilson}

{Terri Sewell}

{Nancy Pelosi}

{Stephanie Schriock, President of Emily’s List}

{Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz}

{Gloria Giffords, Gabby’s mother}

A visit to High Museum of Art {Atlanta, Georgia}

Visiting the High Museum of Art was my pick on our girls weekend trip down in Atlanta and they happened to be featuring a great exhibit of “100 works of art created by 14 of the most iconic artists from the 20th century” that included artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse, and Jasper Johns. In addition to this special collection, the museum itself is a beautiful space and had a lot of other interesting pieces throughout. Really cool spot to check out if you are ever in Atlanta.

Hotel Indigo is where we stayed in Atlanta – super cute boutique hotel w/ a rock-n-roll theme

{Fun with cross color processing in the new Lightroom 4, my favorite editing program!}

Babs – one of the best brunch places in Atlanta. It was fabulous!

Atlanta’s Woman’s Club, formerly known as the Wimbish Mansion, was built in 1906 and seemed out of place amongst the modern, high rise office buildings that occupy most of the midtown area, but a beautiful mansion nonetheless! Would be perfect for a wedding! (I really can’t wait until wedding season, ahhh!)

So, I like buildings, if you can’t tell. Architecture was actually my first love! Oh, but math and I didn’t get along.

Cherry blossoms! I missed them peaking in D.C., but they seem to be everywhere!

{High Museum of Art}

Self portrait (this never happens).

My favorite collection in the museum –


February 18 – May 20, 2012

“Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, widely known as KAWS, enlists the seemingly incongruent techniques of pop art, toy-making, graffiti, product design, and sculpture to create a body of work that is at once universal and provocative, disconcerting and delightful. This will be the largest exhibition of KAWS’s work to date.”

Another self portrait! I couldn’t resist this huge, fractured mirror. Even made my friends do it. So neat.

Portrait Work Revisited

I haven’t done many portraits since my time in photography school, where I had unlimited access to studios and professional lighting equipment –  which I miss dearly now that I am out and on my own – but it’s fun to reflect on past work and consider revisiting this type of photography. A great portrait captures a personality, a mood, a style. They can be very basic with one light and a plain backdrop in a studio or they can become very involved by adding a concept, props and an interesting location. The endless possibilities and creative freedom is what makes photography so appealing to me. Plus all the killer inspiration from the work of the true Pros around the world. Did I mention that I saw Annie Leibovitz speak last month at the Smithsonian American Art Museum? I was in AWE!

Thank You & Welcome!

Welcome new followers and a special thank you to all those who left such nice comments on my recent San Francisco blog post! I feel honored to be Freshly Pressed! I have really enjoyed hearing stories about how my photography has brought back fond memories for some and excitement to those who will be visiting San Fran in the future. I envy those who live there and those who are only a few hours away! It truly is a special place.

I’ve included a link in this post to my online gallery site if any of you would like to order prints – and this is not to make any sort of profit as the prices are not marked up, but to continue to share my work because I am honestly so flattered from all the kind words and positive responses I have received from this blog post – I greatly appreciate all the feedback!

click here for Smugmug Gallery link!

My trip to San Francisco

It was finally time for this East Coast girl to experience San Fran and all its glory! Luckily, I have a good friend who resides out there and who was also kind enough to take me all around the city and even out to Napa, which I absolutely loved! I couldn’t get over how beautiful the area is and decided that if I ever lived there, I’d never get any work done because I’d be far too distracted! I highly recommend visiting San Francisco if you have yet to go. I’m already itching to go back – being there for just a long weekend was a tease!

Muir Woods

Wine country…my favorite part of the trip!

Palace of Fine Arts

Fisherman’s Wharf

Pier 39